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A Smashing Showtel!

April 12, 2010

Showtel 8 was a big smash and splash, with close to 2K in attendance.

And even though skies threatened, meme™ kept the passers-by mesmerized with this year’s blend of visuals and voices (with special fake 3D TV-news reports from Taiwan recounting the exploits of Leno, Conan, Tiger, et alia).

Big thanks to Matthew Benjamin, Kim Cadogan, Mark Conrad, and Julian Senderey; with assistance by Franz Deofils, Steven Lambaise, Alex Robinson, and Amanda Weiner.

Great work, all!
(And watch for new material to be posted soon to iTunes!)

media mixers matt and mark

Franz at the mixmeme™ crewtrippy moments


gig 2.0

October 11, 2009

memeBasicBlackAnnouncing Our Next Gig: Auteur Explosion at Cinema Paradiso, Ft. Lauderdale. 9pm, November 21, 2009. meme™ takes the stage at around 11:40 pm —Join us! And, buy a meme™ t-shirt!

And, here’s the neat, recent Experimental Media paper, or this version, which doesn’t have the typos, and is a little better for printing.