About meme™


With the help of contemporary digital technologies, we are watching the genres, conventions and meanings in visual art, sound/music, and the written word dissolve before our eyes. meme™ is an experimental digital media performance ensemble that explores this ongoing process of cultural decay and attempts to pick up the pieces—scraps of narrative, fake 3D TV-news, visual and sonic junk, obscure and arcane artifacts of lost cultures and technologies, earnest and misguided inquiries into identity and experience, dreams, spells, and collective hysteria—and synthesize them into new symbolic and expressive forms.

Formed and based in South Florida, meme™ is made up of students from Florida Atlantic University courses in interactive multimedia and new media narrative taught by Joey Bargsten, the founder and director of meme™.


What is the mission, if any, of experimental media these days? meme™’s task is to work with the materials of digital culture, especially the easily overlooked, discarded, and obscure, and craft these disparate elements into a meaningful live presentation of sound, image, and idea. In addition, workshops and lecture/seminars on improvisatory live media can be arranged.

The ensemble can appear in any venue with a large screen television or projection system, and they can scale performances to your particular resources and time constraints. meme™ currently presents throughout the SFL metro area (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach).



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